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Manufacturer : DWS

The DigitalWax 010+ stereolithography machine creates models of three-dimensional pieces in plastic material by means of a photosensitive resin formed using ultraviolet rays produced by a laser source.

With this machine it is possible to pass from a geometrical-mathematical three-dimensional model produced by any 3D CAD system to a dimensionally perfect prototype within a few hours.

Reference : M130110

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  • Power supply voltage (PC) 230 V a.c
  • Power supply frequency (PC) 50 Hz
  • Total machine mass : 60 kg
  • Overall machine dimensions
    Width-Depth-Height : 600 x 435 x 400 mm

Axis travels

  • X Axis : 200 mm
  • Y Axis : 200 mm
  • Z Axis : 60 mm


  • Power developed in continuous wave operation (CW)  2 mW
  • Power developed in pulsed mode operation
  • Wave length 405/408 nm
  • Class 3B
  • Electric current intensity at beginning of oscillation (average) 90mA
  • Electric current intensity during operation 90 mA
  • Working voltage (average): 4,6 V
  • Radiation angle : Horizontal 8     Vertical: 22
  • Direction of polarization: 25  ̊C


YOM : 2006

Process : DLP (Diode Light Processing)

Condition : Very good condition


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