Laser cutting


CNC 5 axis High precision laser cutting and drilling Center
Siemens 840 D Powerline

Centre de Perçage et découpage laser 5 axes
CNC de haute précision
Siemens 840 D Powerline

Reference : M150310

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Courses X/ Y/ Z : 800 mm X 500 mm X 700 mm précision 10 µm
Table rotative pivotante +150°/-150° avec moteurs linéaires à refroidissement par eau
Système de mesure intégré
Laser Rofin DC 020 , CO2,2 kW
Longueur d’ondes 16,6 µm

CNC 5 axis High precision laser cutting and drilling Center
Travels X/ Y/ Z : 800 mm X 500 mm X 700 mm – 10 µm précision
Tilting and Rotary table with linear motors water cooling system +150°/-150°
Measurement system
Rofin DC 020 , CO2 Laser, 2kW
Wavelength 16,6 µm
Application examples for the DML 80 PowerDrill machine:
* Medical engineering: injection needles, micro tools.
* Automotive engineering (not series production): fuel and oil filters, power trains.
* Mechanical engineering: holes for air / oil cooling, lubrication, etc.
* Precision sheet metal manufacture: general precision parts, micro machining.
* Special applications: turbine guide vanes for aviation and stationary gas turbine installations.
Application examples for the DML 80 LaserCutting machine:

* Electronics: etched and milled parts, circuitry, soldering templates, ceramics.
* Medical engineering: endoscopic housing, surgical instruments.
* Automotive engineering: precision and prototype parts.
* Mechanical engineering: hydraulic valves, spinnerets for textile / man-made fibres, tool and mould parts.
* Flexible sheet metal machining: general precision parts, prototype and small run applications, tubing.


YOM : 2008

Process : Cutting

Condition : Très bon état

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