FDM (Fused deposition modeling)

Dynamical Tools – DT600

Manufacturer : DYNAMICAL TOOLS
Reference : M181102
Validated & certified by Multistation
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FDM Dual extruder

Precision Z axis: 1,6 micrones
Precision XY axis: 16 micrones
Max. extruder temperature 300ºC
Max. environment temperature 50ºC
Max. bed temperature 120 ºC
Nozzle diameter 0,6 mm


Materials :
FDM technology. PLA, ABS,

Type/Model : DT600

YOM : 2016

Building volume : 600x600x400mm

Process : FDM (Fused deposition modeling)

Number of hours : 850

Condition : Very good condition

Last maintenance date : 02/11/2018

Last use date : 02/11/2018




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