DLP (Diode Light Processing)

Envisiontec DSP 3 Standard SXGA+

Manufacturer : ENVISIONTEC
Reference : M180904-4
Validated & certified by Multistation
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The EnvisionTEC Perfactory 3 Shell (DSP) Digital Printer can be used on a large scale (Production) due to its large construction area and high precision. Equipped with the Enhanced Resolution Module (ERM), this allows resolutions up to 25 μm in X and Y.
The Mechanical microphone can also reach 25 μm in Z, making it one of the high resolution systems in the industry. The DSP can build up to 40 hulls in 2-3 hours (1-2 hours at high speed) simultaneously.
Machine Properties * Perfactory® 3 Digital Shell Printer (DSP)

Type/Model : DSP III Standard SXGA+

YOM : 2013

Building volume : 140 x 105 x 230 mm

Process : DLP (Diode Light Processing)

Condition : Good condition




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