Envisiontec Perfactory DSP 3 Standard SXGA+

Manufacturer : ENVISIONTEC

EnvisionTEC’s Perfactory 3 Digital Shell Printer (DSP) can be used for large scale production due to its large build area and high precision.

Reference : M170507
Validated & certified by Multistation
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YOM: 2012

Still in operation, in good condition and well maintained.

Delivered with all accessories.


Build Envelope:  140 x 105 x 230 mm
Projector Resolution: 1400 x 1050 Pixels
Native Pixel Size: 100 µm
Dynamic Voxel Resolution in Z (material dependent): 50 µm to 150 µm
Data Handling:  STL

Type/Model : Envisiontec

YOM : 2012

Process : DLP (Diode Light Processing)

Condition : Very good condition




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