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EOS – P730

Manufacturer : EOS

Plastic laser-sintering system for the direct manufacture of series, spare parts, functional prototypes and patterns for investment or vacuum casting.

The EOSINT P 730 is an advancement of the EOSINT P 700, the world-wide first double-laser system for laser-sintering of plastics. It is one of the largest plastic laser-sintering systems available on the market. The EOSINT P 730 is up to 40 percent more productive compared to the EOSINT P 700 and combines increased productivity with highest part quality. IntelliScan 20, a digital scanner of the latest generation, exposes the respective layers in a so-far unknown speed and stands for highest precision. The system is ideally suited for the economic production of small series and individualised products, especially with complex geometries. At the same time it provides capacity for the fast and flexible creation of prototypes or patterns for investment and vacuum casting. Within a very short time, the machine also produces large and complex plastic products or castings. These often occur in the automotive, medical and aerospace industry.

Reference : M181217

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  • Size of the container : 700 x 400 x 600 mm
  • 2 scanner heads Solid
  • PSW 3.3 soft version
  • 2 production bins
  • 2 unpackers
  • IPCM for raw material feed
  • Air dryer





Type/Model : P730

YOM : 2006

Building volume : 00x400x600mm

Process : SLS (Selective Laser Sintering)


Number of hours of the laser : 9200

Condition : Good condition

Last use date : 11/12/2018


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