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Manufacturer : FREYMATIC

At present, there are hundreds of reliable AM precision-cutters in operation worldwide. The lockedin cutting table, a principal design characteristic, allows a whole range of different accessories to be mounted, such as wire cleaners, curve cutting unit, pre-cutters (for chamfered or burrfree cuttin edges), wire re-winding unit etc.
The main gear shaft performs one revolution for each cut so that the synchronous operation of cutter and such attachments
as tilting spiders and turning units etc. presents no problems. The cutter is equipped with a central lifting unit at the front and
rear for adjusting the table height.
The cutter is fixed to the floor by means of anchoring rails which allow the cutter to be moved lengthwise. The machine is encased by guards with electrically controlled, large service doors on both sides in conformity with CE safety standards.

Reference : M191102-A

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  • AM 400 for a maximum column width of 400 mm
  • Cutting table for a maximum column height of 550 mm
    Cutting lengths to 2,500 mm
    Servo-drives with electronic or mechanical controls

YOM : 1992

Process : Cutting

Condition : Very good condition




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