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Manufacturer : GEFERTEC

Advanced 3D Metal Printers designed for industrial WAAM manufacturing. This series seamlessly integrates the well-established arc-welding method with CAD drawings from product designers and engineers, creating an innovative production system. Boasting either 3 or 5 motion axes, it provides unparalleled flexibility in component volume and facilitates the additive production of high-quality metal parts.

Key Features

  • Process monitoring through a built-in camera
  • Ground-level machine access with a sliding working table for effortless crane-assisted loading and unloading
  • Actively cooled base plate
  • Soundproof housing
  • Integrated case ventilation and welding fume extraction
  • User-friendly control unit
  • Incorporation of high-end components from renowned manufacturers
Reference : M230214-C
Location : EUROPE

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Gefertec Arc405 5-Axis WAAM printer

  • YOM 2018 – refurbished by the manufacturer in 2022

It is utilising the Fronius TPS 400i PULSE welding torch and is running the control software on a SIEMENS 840Dsl system. The HMI is accessed via the integrated control panel with additional industrial keyboard, allowing the safe operation of the machine directly from outside the build chamber.

  • Working space : x 495 x y 680 x z 730 mm

The welding table has an integrated cooling system and a clamping area of 400mm diameter with a maximum payload of 200kg. It has a swieveling range between -95° and 10°, the rotating range is unlimited.

  • Machine total number of hours:  only 8000 working hours

Materials: ER70S-6 / ER CuAl-A 1 / Ti6Al4V / Union AlMg4,5Mn / AM Print 625 / AM Print 316L / Union X96 / 3Dprint AM 304L / AM Print 2209 / Thermanit 18 17 E Mn / UTP A34 / Union K 56

  • Machine dimensions: 2300 x 3000 x 3000 mm³

Ref.: M230214-C

Materials :
ER CuAl-A 1
Union AlMg4,5Mn
AM Print 625
AM Print 316L
Union X96
3Dprint AM 304L
AM Print 2209
Thermanit 18 17 E Mn
Union K 56

Type/Model : Arc405

YOM : 2018-2022

Building volume : 495 (X) x 680 (Y) x 730 (Z) mm³ / 400mm diameter clamping area

Process : Other Additive manufacturing

Number of hours : 8000

Condition : Very good condition




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