INGERSOLL : large size composite 3D printer

Manufacturer : INGERSOLL

FOR MANUFACTURING OF LARGE COMPOSITE PARTS ( aerospace, wind blades, shipbuilding…)

Reference : M180304

No responsibility whatsoever is assumed with respect to technical description, quality, dimensions, year of manufacturing and completeness of machines.

The descriptions are made under full reserve of potential errors which will be without any influence on a concluded sale

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Technical details

Axes travel:

X:         24,000 mm
Y:         >5,000 mm
Z:           1,500 mm

C:         +/- 185 °

C1:       +/- 185 °

A:         +/-   85 °

Axes speed:

X:            60  m/min
Y:            60  m/min
Z:            60  m/min

C:         7,200  °/min

C1:       7,200  °/min

A:         3,600  °/min


Axes acceleration:

X:              1 m/sec²
Y:              1 m/sec²
Z:              1 m/sec²

C:            100 °/sec²

C1:           50  °/sec²

A:             50  °/sec²


CNC Control:                            Siemens 840D SL

Number of operator panels:  2
Number of exchangeable heads:      max. 2 (1 included)

Number of work zones:                     2

Work zone size:                                  approx. 7 x 4 m
The work zones can be used separately or combined

Layup head installed:

Type:                           16 x ¼“

Spools:                        3“ x 8“ x 11“, 12 Lb (3.0 kg)

Heating:                                 Double IR Lamps

Cut/Add on the fly at:                        60 m/min

End placement accuracy:                  +/- 2.5 mm

Min. tow length:                                178 mm

Min gap between cut and add:         20 mm

Layup rate:                             up to 10 kg/h (monolithic)

up to   4 kg/h (sandwich)

Installation requirements:

Electrical Power:        400 VAC, 50 Hz, 350 Amps, 13.5 MVA

Air supply:       5.5 bar, 2800 nL/min, 3.9° dew point

8.6 bar, 800 nL/min, -46 °C dew point


The machine can be seen in operation.

Manufacturer of the machine can assist the buyer for disassembling, transfert, reassembling and  applications support.

Type/Model : Mongoose V2FP

YOM : 2013

Process : Others

Condition : Very good condition




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