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KLAEGER-Vertical Bandsaw VBS600-3DCut for baseplate 450×450 mm

Manufacturer : KLAEGER
Reference : M190108
Location : Europe

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Technical Data
Drive motor: 4,0 kW
Electric data: 400 Volt 50 Hz; 7.5A 3ph.
Cutting speed: continuous (max 750m/min)
Speed ratio. 1:10 (z.ex. 40/m/min to 400
Hydraulic saw blade tension
servo-controlled feed
cutting width: 500 mm
cutting height: 530 mm
table size: 820×520 mm
Saw blade dimensions: 5060 x 34 x 1,1 mm
Dimensions DxWxH: 2070 x 1620 x 2542mm
weight-net: 1.500 Kg
3DCut Universal loading station for base plates max. 450 x 450 mm
adjustable with spindle.
Cool Tool (minamal lubrication system).

Type/Model : VBS500-3DCut

YOM : 2018

Process : Cutting

Condition : Very good condition




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