Kuhlmann P20T 600x600x200mm AC-Servo Sercos-Drive-Retrofitted

High  Precision Engraver-Retrofitted


Reference : M180210-S

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– Portal machine

– sensitive components are dust protected

– steel T-furrow working table, no scratches

– 4 axis AC-Servo sercos drive (manufactured in 2017)

– 3 Bosch AC-Servo  Motors, (manufactured in 2017)

– working area X*Y*Z in mm 600*600*200

– maximum speed 6m/min

– welded buttom cabinet with mountings for electronic components

– BES steering for up to 4-Axis (manufactured in 2017)

– integrated machine keyboard

– milling spindle Precise SC62:  for milling and engraving, pneumatic tool changing  diameter      62 mm, speed 5.000—54.000 min/-1   Power 0,9 / 1,1 KW

– Frequency converter 230 V, 50/60 Hz

– Computer: Pentium Industrial PC  Keyboard, Mouse, MS-Windows 10 engl.

– Software:Engraving Software (BES-Grav)

-Standard – Package (newest Version) .

-Warranty: 1/2 year, for all parts except milling spindle.

Type/Model : KUHLMANN

YOM : 2000

Process : Other Additive manufacturing

Condition : Good condition

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