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Manufacturer : MIKROMAT

CNC Worm and Thread Grinding machine

The high performance capabilities built into the machine, the rigid design of the machine bed with a compact guidance system for the work table and the grinding saddle, as well as a comprehensive range of optional accessories (compact cooling lubricant system with high pressure and capacity) permit grinding of profiles and shaped parts out of solid materials. Therefore, preliminary machining of the parts is no longer required in many cases.

Reference : M220907
Location : EUROPE

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Process : CNC Worm and Thread Grinding

Work table
  1. workpiece diameter max: 320 mm
  2. Grinding lenght, single profile: 300 mm
  3. Distance between center max: 400 mm
Workpiece weight
  1. center + lunettes: 50 kg
Grinding saddle X Axis
  1. Infeed stroke max: 310 mm
  2. Min infeed value: 0.001 mm
Tilting axis A
  • Helix angle max: -90 / +60
Grinding wheel drieve
  1. cutting speed max, rpm regulated infinitely adjustable: 50 m/s
  2. cone: 1 : 1.75
Grinding wheel dimensions
  1. Diameter min: ∅200 + 2x profile height mm
  2. Diameter max: ∅400mm
  3. Grinding wheel width (min/max): 8 -30 mm
  4. Grinding wheel mounting bore hole: ∅127 mm
NC Dresser using machine axes Z and X
  1. with 2 diamond dressing wheel: up to modul 8
Accuracy of the machine and dresser axes
  1. Positional uncertainty P : 0.0024 mm
  2. Max Positional scatter Psmax: 0.0016 mm
  3. Max reversal error Umax: 0.0010 mm
  4. Positional deviation Pa: 0.0010 mm

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Materials :
Fields of application
Grinding of high precision workpiece by grinding technologies like:
• single profile longitudinal grinding
• one or two way grinding
• single-lead or multi-lead grinding
• plunge-cut grinding
• axial or radial indexing
• axial or radial infeed with shiften
• multi-rip longitudinal grinding
• groove grinding

Type/Model : 3G

Process : Grinding

Condition : Very good condition




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