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Polishing robot PR/TX60

1 pc  PR60000 Basic configuration for the polishing robot PR/TX60


  • 6 axis robot arm Staubli RX/60
  • robot controller CS1
  • standard teach pendant SP1
  • VAL3 programming software
  • pneumatic ring gripper for inside polishing protected with fibers
  • pneumatic ring gripper for outside polishing in stainless steel
  • robot arm equipped with pressure sensor device
  • tool changer for ring grippers
  • gripper equipped with sensor to detect availability of rings
  • double suction device of each 1430 m3/h
  • double dust collecting system
  • complete unit protected with safety shield
  • parameter programming (users friendly)
  • complete Buko ring polishing software (08.3) latest version
  • programs for outside flat and curved surfaces
  • programs for inside flat and curved surfaces
  • Input of complete library
  • manual
Reference : M121118
Location : Middle East

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Polishing configuration :

  • 2 pc PR60001 double inside polishing module with 2 motors of ½ HP and
    3000 rpm for standard mandrils. 2 mandrils included
  • 1 pc PR60011 double outside polishing module with 2 motors of ½ HP and
    3000 rpm for standard mandrils. 2 mandrils included
  • 1 pc PR60013 double angled polishing module with 2 motors of ½ HP, 3000 rpm
    for standard mandrils. 2 mandrils included
  • 2 pc PR60141 mandril for inside polishing M4 for felt buffs
    4 pc PR60140 mandril for outside polishing M8 max. Diam. 150 mm
    4 pc PR60142 mandril for inside polishing with chuck 2.35 mm
  • 1 pc PR60301 Ring rotating device with zero positioner, complete
  • 1 pc PR60414 single tray loading device – pneumatic locking of the tray.
    Delivered with one tray of 60 positions.
  • 4 pc PR60190 tray with 60 positions
  • 1 pc PR60460 Double liquid paste dispenser device with electronic controlled
    dosing unit
  • 1 pc PR60101 kg polishing paste S34A
    1 pc PR60101 kg polishing paste PO91L


Type/Model : STAUBLI

YOM : 2009

Process : Others

Condition : Very good condition

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