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Universal transportable radia drill GOERG MOBILE B50

Reference : M1212028B

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Spindle diameter mm 55
Taper Morse 3
Max drilling capacity in steel 60 with 0.3mm rev/feed mm 50
Max drilling capacity in grey cast iron 25 with 0.3 mm/feed mm 50
Max tapping in steel M 60
Spindle revolutions per minute, with continuous adjustment in 3 groups I group 5.6-33.6
II group 31-186
III group 175 – 1050
Drilling feeds for each revolution of spindle: at continuous adjustment 0.05-0.3
Drilling depth mm 300
Min. distance between spindle to column axis mm 1000
Max distance between spindle to column axis mm 1900
Lowest position of spindle in horizontal over the floor mm 150
Highest position of spindle in horizontal over the floor mm 2400
Min. max height from spindle nose downward-floor mm 0/1400
Min. max height from spindle nose upward-floor mm 750
Arm vertical travel mm 1100
Arm downward tilted position 25°
Travel on bed mm 800
Traverse horizontal rapid travel mm/min 1800
Traverse vertical rapid travel mm/min 1500
Rapid travel on bed mm/min 1000
Spindle motor HP 5.5
Rapid travel on bed motor HP 1.2
Column clamping motor HP 1.5
Column clamping Electro-mechanical
Column rotation 360°
Tilting head +/- 90°
Rotating head 360°
Column section (rectangular) mm 280*220
Machine height with flask mm 2500
Packing sizes mm 1450*3700*300h
Weight about Kg 4100


  • Spindle rotation speed change is controlled by a three-phase motor and 3 mechanic speeds are obtained by control from push-button panel throught electromechanical clutches. A variator remote controlled PIV with variation from 1/6 allows to obtain a variable speed in continuous from 5.6/1050 rev/min.
  • Feeds values of spindle are variable in continuous through PIV variator in the range of 0.05/0.3 mm/rev.
  • Arm horizontal and vertical traveses are controlled in rapid respectively at 1800 and 1500 mm/min. Alternatively, it’s possible to have positioning with manual control.
  • Rapid traverse of machine on base is controlled by A.C. motor and takes place at 1500 mm/min speed. On request, with extra charge, the machine can be equipped with slower control, continuously variable and to be used for positioning and millings.



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Condition : Très bon état

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