S125 Static Table Cutting System 54” x 12’ – Ex-DEMO SYSTEM

S125 Static Table Cutting System 54” x 12’
Active cutting area = 1336.04mm width, 2.44m length
Available March 2017

Reference : M170213
Validated & certified by Multistation
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• Three Cutting Tool Spindles, Pen and additional adapter to hold other marking tools
• Computer Dust Enclosure to protect computer in high particulate environment
• Two cutting surfaces  – Perforated cast polyurethane plus custom tempered porous plastic
• Table-mounted bar for holding one roll of material
• cutPRO Cutter Control software
• Less than 5 hours – demonstration only operation
• And more!

*Restrictions apply, final destination specific within EU/UK, Turkey, Israel, Maroc – please inquire directly.

Type/Model : EASTMAN

YOM : 2016

Process : Other

Condition : Very good condition

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