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Manufacturer : SCANTECH

The PRINCE 335 3D scanner has two different operating modes. It makes full use of the high adaptability of the red laser and the ultra-detailed capture capability of the blue laser, which provides a perfect combination of ease of use and high detail. It uses multiple laser beams to obtain a 3D point cloud from the surface of objects.

The PRINCE scanner can cooperate with the Photogrammetric Measurement System (MSCAN) when scanning large-scale objects to eliminate accumulated errors and improve volumetric accuracy. The scanner can be easily transported into a workshop, on-site or off-site, and perform precise scanning of the shape and dimensions of objects.

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Location : Europe

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Type PRINCE 335
Mode Standard R mode Hyperfine B mode
Weight 0,95 kg
Dimensions 315*165*105mm
Laser Source 3 red laser crosses(+1 additional red laser) 5 parallel blue laser lines
Deep hole scan Supported
Hyperfine analysis Supported
Frequency of acquisition 265 000 measurements/s 320 000 measurements/s
Camera frame rate 60 fps 120 fps
Laser class Classe II. (safe for the eyes)
Resolution 0,050 mm 0,020 mm
Precision Jusqu’à 0,030 mm
Volumetric accuracy 1 0,020 mm+0,080 mm/m 0,010 mm+0,080 mm/m
Volumetric precision 2 (with MSCAN) 0,020 mm+0,025 mm/m 0,010 mm+0,025 mm/m
Scan distance 300 mm 150 mm
Depth of field 250 mm 100 mm
Scanning area 225 mm~250 mm 200 mm~200 mm
Output formats .ply,.xyz,.dae,.fbx,.ma,.obj,.asc,.stl or customized
Working temperature -10~40°C
Interface Gigabit Lan



Type/Model : PRINCE 335


Process : 3D Scanner

Condition : Very good condition




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