Manufacturer : SLM


Selective Laser Melting System SLM 280HL  with dual Laser technology.

All system components are integrated in a rigid profile construction. The panels of the equipment are designed for easy removal for any service requirements.

For cooling the Laser System an external cooling system is supplied along with the 280HL system.

The whole system is set up in a module way and various sections which can be easily changed, serviced, maintained and upgraded. These groups are e.g.:

  • The Laser
  • The Optical Bank
  • The Build Area
  • The Build Chamber
  • The Power feeding System
  • The Loader
  • The Filter System
  • The PLC-Unit
Reference : M191013

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Effective build Volume 280 x 280 x 350mm³
Pract. variable layer thickness: 20~100µm
Min. wall thickness 180µm
Machine dimensions (space requirement) 1,770 x 2,000(2,400) x 1,000mm (L x W x H)
Weight (without powder filling) Approx. 1000kg
Power supply 400V, 3phases, N, 50/60 Hz, 32A


Optical Parameters Unit YLR-400SM YLR-1000MM
Mode of operation CW / modulated CW or modulated
Central emission wavelength nm 1075±5 1075±5
Line width (FWHM) nm <5 <5
Nominal output power W 400 1,000
Output power tenability % 10-105 10-103
Output power stability (long term) % ±3 ±4
Typical beam quality M2 <1,10 approx.10
Output fiber delivery um Single mode Multi- mode
Maximum modulation frequency kHz 20 5
Electrical Parameters
Electrical requirements VAC 240 240
Maximum power consumption W 1800 3500
Cooling Method water water
Cooling water temperature °C <30 <30
General Parameters
Dimensions (W x D x H) cm 3U 19” rack 4U 19” rack
Weight kg 80 70
Ambient temperature °C 10-45 10-45

Materials :

Type/Model : 280HL

YOM : 2014

Building volume : 280*280*350 mm³

Process : SLM


Type/Power of the laser : Duo Laser YLR-400SM*1 (400W) and YLR-1,000MM*1 (1,000W)

Number of hours of the laser : 14.6 h

Number of hours : 2408.6 h

Condition : Very good condition

Last maintenance date : 20/01/2015


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