Manufacturer : STRATASYS

Unmatched Product Realism
The Stratasys J750™ 3D Printer delivers unrivaled
aesthetic performance including true, full-color
capability with texture mapping and color gradients.
Create prototypes that look, feel and operate like
finished products, without the need for painting or
assembly, thanks to the Stratasys J750’s wide range
of material properties. With an astounding 360,000+
color combinations to choose from and multi-material
capability, the Stratasys J750 allows you to bring
even your most imaginative ideas to life.
Maximum Versatility
Take advantage of unparalleled 3D printing versatility.
Channel a range of applications that previously
required multiple systems to achieve all in one
package with a vast array of colors and material
properties, from rigid to flexible and opaque to
transparent, and the ability to print many diverse
materials in one job or part. Print parts that feature
Digital ABS Plus™ alongside a variety of flexible
Shore A values and/or translucencies. With the
fastest PolyJet multi-material 3D printer, you won’t
sacrifice time for part intricacy and complexity.
Voxel-Level Control
Achieve the utmost control over all attributes of your
3D printed parts with GrabCAD Voxel Print™. Utilizing
third-party or user-developed slicers, this utility lets
you precisely determine color, transparency and
flexibility of your print at the individual voxel level, the
smallest element of a 3D printed structure. Voxel-level
functionality also includes the ability to control interior
material properties within the full volume of your
3D printed part, to create advanced structures and
digital materials.

Reference : M191010

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Materials :

Type/Model : J750

YOM : 2016

Building volume : 490x390x200 mm

Process : Polyjet

Number of hours : 450 h

Condition : Very good condition

Last maintenance date : 18/10/2019

Last use date : 18/10/2019




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