SLS (Selective Laser Sintering)

TPM 3D – TPM Elite P3600

Manufacturer : TPM 3D
Reference : M190802

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TPM ELITE P series of Selecve Laser Sintering
(SLS) systems produce high quality, tough
end-use plasc, flexible or alumide parts.

Parts can be used for accurate prototyping,
vacuum forming and investment casng. Also
produce funconal parts with a high strength
and high quality surface finish.
When it comes to Addive Manufacturing, the
technology of choice is Selecve Laser Sintering
(SLS) as it offers:
Hassle free builds. There is no need to worry
about support material as parts are supported
by the powder during the build process.
No post-curing required. Parts can flex, snap
lock or be made with living hinges.
SLS is economical to use with fast build mes.

YOM : 2014.09.25

Sold with PC with software

Chiller included

Building volume : 360 x 360 x 600mm

Build chamber size X x Y x Z (mm) 360 x 360 x 600

Effective space size X x Y x Z (mm) 350 x 350 x 590

Focusing 3-axis, dynamic focusing

Building speed (mm/h) 10 ~ 25

Layer thickness(mm) 0.13 ~ 0.18

Diameter of laser beam(mm) 0.300

Maximum scanning speed(mm/s) 15,000

Dimension of main machine x D x H(m) 1.28×1.34 x2.34

Dimension of control unit W x D x H(m) 0.60 x0.80 x 1.8

Weight of main machine(kg) 1300

Active cooling yes

Thermal management of control cabinet Compressing chiller

Lifting trolley Manual

Oxygen detector yes

Options for color of SLS parts White, black or other colors

OS/data processing software Windows 10.0 /Solid View Pro RP,64bit

Data format STL

Electrical protection PL-e Dual-channel security control

Powder feeding type Powder discharged upside, powder fed both sides

Powder recoater Smart dual blade

Nitrogen generator Integration

Power 400V、3P/N/PE、32A、50Hz、8KW

Materials :
NYLON PA12 Nylon 12 with a good resistance to chemicals
NYLON PA12 FLEX Nylon 12 Elastomer Rubber-like
NYLON PA12 GLASS Glass filled Nylon with excellent sffness
NYLON PA12 ALUMIDE Aluminium filled Nylon; machinable and rigid

Type/Model : TPM Elite P3600

YOM : 2014

Building volume : 360 x 360 x 600mm

Process : SLS (Selective Laser Sintering)


Type/Power of the laser : SYNRAD IR CO2 Ti 80W

Condition : Very good condition




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