Manufacturer : VITUS

The 3D body scanners in the VITUS product range, with a remarkably short scanning process of  a few seconds, enable high-precision three-dimensional recording of body measurements. Based on the contact-free creation of a digital image of the person, an array of relevant anthropometric data can be automatically derived. The entirely optical scan process is harmless to health and eyes.



Reference : M181107

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Areas of Use

  • 3D Scan for 3D Printing:  Color 3D Scan for miniaturization of humans or animals as 3D figurines (sometimes called “3D mini-me”, “3D selfies”)
  • Ergonomics: Design planning for vehicle interiors, design of workplaces
  • 3D Scan for Customized Clothing: tailor-made ladies wear and mens wear
  • Medicine, Orthopedics & Sports: posture analysis, determination of spinal column curvature, follow-up of therapeutic measures, anthropometric research, performance diagnosis, training progression, determination of build
  • Virtual Reality: digital animation of the human body, digitalization of pieces of art

Technical data

Measurement principle  Optical double triangulation
Number of sensor heads  8
Interface  LAN, USB 2.0
Measurement accuracy  Average max. circumference
errors significant < 1 mm
Scan time  approx. 9 to 14 s
Point density  300 points / cm³
Scan capacity
Height x Width x Depth
2,1 m x 1,2 m x 1,2 m


Type/Model : Bodyscan XL

Process : 3D Scanner

Condition : Very good condition


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