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Wings Technology (Harvest) – HVC-1


Rapid prototyping is very useful for low-volume production of end-products or mockups from liquid materials like polyurethanes. You can receive precise and quality product in 3 days using vacuum castin technology from different materials and with different physical and mechanical properties.

Reference : M190904
Location : Northern Asia

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Vacuum casting machine Wings Technology HVC-1 is unique equipment for low-volume production without expensive tooling and accessories and very suitable for small innovative companies, laboratories and science centers. This machine is great for manufacturing of mockups or low-volume end-products using vacuum casting technology.

Machine was used only for demonstration purposes.

Materials :
All types of 2-components polyurethanes

Type/Model : HVC-1

YOM : 2017

Process : Others

Number of hours : 50

Condition : Very good condition

Last maintenance date : 11/12/2018

Last use date : 11/12/2018




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