Manufacturer : YETI TOOL

Sectors : Education, Fablabs, Industry

The YETI SmartBench can cut wood boards or soft material in 3 axes of de 2470 x 1237 mm. An ingenious system makes it possible to fix the plates on the machine that can be used flat or in a vertical position. It is assembled and dismantled in less than 5 minutes and its price is attractive for Fablabs and small workshops of carpentry and DIY.

Reference : M191217

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Processing your model
Software : Fusion 360 recommended
File types : G code

X axis travel : 1265mm (49.8″)
X max speed : 15 meters per minute (590″per minute)
Y axis travel : 2515mm (99.0″)
Y max speed : 15 meters per minute (590″ per minute)
Z axis travel : 152mm (6.0″)
Z max speed : 2 meters per minute (78” per minute)
Max sheet cut size : 2470 x 1237mm (97.24″ x 48.7″)
Max depth of material : 152mm (6.0″)
X & Y Axis : Rack and pinion
Z Axis : Lead screw

Speed : 5,000 – 24,000 rpm (model dependant)
Collet : max shank 10mm (0.394”)

Finished Part
Accuracy : +/-0.125mm (0.0049”)

Power requirements
Voltage : 230v or 110v
Power : 1400 watts

Physical dimensions

Horizontal working
Lenght : 2740mm (107.9″)
Width : 1650mm (65.0″)
Height : 1350mm (53.2″)

Shipping dimensions
Lenght : 2850mm (112.2″)
Width : 600mm (23.6″)
Height : 400mm (15.8″)
Weight : 65kg (132lbs)


Process : Cutting

Condition : Very good condition




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