Manufacturer : ZCORP

The ZPrinter 310 System is the entry-level concept modeling solution that delivers great models quickly and inexpensively. Models can be used for design verification, as patterns for casting applications and for communication tools.

Z Corporation offers a variety of materials for use with this system, beginning with two basic materials, a versatile and inexpensive starch-based powder and a high-definition plaster-based powder, customers can add infiltrants to serve a wide range of modeling needs at an affordable price.

Reference : M180702

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Main Features Resolution: 300 x 450 dpi

Vertical Build Speed: 1.0 inch/hour (25 mm/hour)

Build Size: 8 x 10 x 8 inches (203 x 254 x 203 mm)

Material Options: High Performance Composite, Direct Casting, Elastomeric, Investment Casting Layer Thickness: 0.0035 – 0.008 inches (0.089 – 0.203 mm)

Number of Jets: 304


File Formats for Printing: STL, VRML, PLY, 3DS

ZPR Equipment Dimensions: 29 x 34 x 43 inches (74 x 86 x 109 cm)

Equipment Weight: 255 lbs (115 kg)

Power Requirements: 90-110V, 5.3A; 100-120V, 4.3A; 200-240V, 2.4A

Workstation Compatibility: Windows® 7, Windows® XP Professional and Windows Vista® Regulatory Compliance: CE, CSA


Materials :

Type/Model : ZPRINTER 310 plus

YOM : 2008

Building volume : 203x254x203

Process : Others

Condition : Very good condition

Last use date : 30/03/2018


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