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Projet CPX Max 3500-1Projet CPX Max 3500-2Projet CPX Max 3500-3

3D Systems-Projet CPX Max 3500

The ProJet 3500 CPX Max Max Capacity Printer offers larger parts in high definition, and increased productivity. Model performanceRealWax rival...
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SLM 125-11SLM 125-1SLM 125-2SLM 125-3SLM 125-4SLM 125-5SLM 125-9SLM 125-10SLM 125-13SLM 125-14SLM 125 Inside 1SLM 125 Inside 2SLM 125 Inside 3


Extra: Posibility of changing all manufacturing parameters. Open system
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Objet 260Objet 260

Stratasys – Objet 260 Connex 3

The Objet260 Connex3 is your gateway to the world of multi-material color 3D printing right from your office. Create brilliantly...
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Projet 4500Projet 4500-1

3D Systems – projet 4500

The ProJet 4500 uses 3D Systems’ ColorJet Printing (CJP) technology to deliver strong, full color semi-rigid parts in high-resolution, straight...
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Machine sold as is for parts only
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Machine sold as is for parts only
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Prox100 DMP Dental-1Prox100 DMP Dental-5Prox100 DMP Dental-3

3D Systems – Prox100 DMP Dental

DMP Dental 100 system enables you to use Direct Metal Printing (DMP) to produce high-quality, metal dental prostheses. Dental laboratories...
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Crankshaft Grinding Machine
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Stratasys – Objet30 Orthodesk

This is a commercial grade 3D printer that creates high-end prototypes, realistic models, and more. The printer is highly versatile,...
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Wings Technology - HVC-1Wings Technology - HVC-1Wings Technology - HVC-1Wings Technology - HVC-1Wings Technology - HVC-1

Wings Technology – HVC-1

Vacuum casting technology is very useful for low-volume production of end-products or mock-ups from materials like polyurethanes. You can receive...
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EOS M290-3EOS M290-2 (1)EOS M290-2 (2)


The EOS M 290 is an industrial 3D printer made by the German manufacturer EOS. The EOS M 290 is based on the DMLS...
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3D Systems – ProJet 2500 Plus

Demo machine in operation till september 2018 Machine has been used to print benchmarks.
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