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Collaboration Agreement with LEAPFROG #3Dprinters

Collaboration Agreement with LEAPFROG #3Dprinters

Multistation just signed a collaboration agreement to sell Leapfrog Creatr and Xeed 3d printers.

Information about Leapfrog company :

Leapfrog was founded by four friends : Martijn Otten, Maarten Logtenberg, Mathijs Kossen and Lucas Janssen. The foundation of Leapfrog came about when Martijn stumbled across a problem in his family-owned company, AV Flexologic. He was in need of a specific spare part which was unavailable and could not be manufactured at the time. He was familiar with 3D printers and thought about how easy it would have been to simply print it out right then and there. This thought led him to buy a 3D printer kit, and together with Mathijs they assembled it, yet remained unsatisfied. To them, the tradeoff between price and quality/quantity seemed off, a very expensive kit which could only print out small unassembled objects.

At the same time, Maarten was busy developing a 3D printer of his own that addressed this problematic situation, one that could print large and fully assembled objects along with being affordable. Maarten’s design ultimately led to the Creatr. At the same time, Lucas was working for AV Flexologic as an intern and designed the Xeed. Lucas was added to the team and Leapfrog was born.

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Tel : +33 (0) 2 99 16 35 35
fax : +33 (0) 2 99 46 41 41 

29 Rue de l’ Isle Celée - BP 80126 - 35801 DINARD Cedex - (FRANCE)
CNIL : N°898941

Protoshop : 14 rue de l’Armorique, Paris 75015. 


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