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3D scanners – Our comparison chart

3D scanners – Our comparison chart

With this comparative table, Multistation help you to find the most adapted 3D scanner for your needs

To summarize :
We recommended Davis SLS2 & SLS3 3D scanners for applications without high accuracy requirement. These entry-level 3D scanners have one of the best performance/price ratio and are the best way to get into the 3D scanning world.

The 3D scanners Solutionix DS3 Silver and gold have a great accuracy, are fully automatic and are the most user friendly one. The best choice for small parts scanning like dental and jewelry application.

Evatronix 3D scanners are certified by the norm VDE/VDI 2634 and have a wide offer covering the whole industry needs: big or small parts, multiple accuracy level and mesh density, available in all environment condition (IP62 or 31) and an amazing range of accessories such as rotating plate with a capacity from 20kg to 1 ton!

Because scan results could be hard to use with conventional tools, we can provide post-treatment softwares to process your data regarding your requirements: reverse engineering, control, etc.

Softwares: SpaceClaim, Geomagic DesignX and ControlX, LEIOS or 3DReshaper Meteor.


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