Commande de machines Arcam Q20 et un partenariat à long terme entre Arcam et GKN Aerospace


« Arcam’s strategy is to establish our technology for production of orthopedic implants and aerospace parts, two areas with high requirements on material properties and productivity. Our EBM technology is today well established in the orthopedic industry, with thousands of components produced and implanted. We are now very happy to announce this order and important partnership with GKN Aerospace. We are convinced that the close collaboration with GKN Aerospace will be key for further industrialization of our EBM technology in the aerospace industry », says Magnus René, CEO, Arcam.
« Russ Dunn, Senior Vice President Engineering & Technology, GKN Aerospace explains: – “We have been working with Arcam for some time exploring what we believe to be one of the most promising of the additive processes. Our aim has been to fully understand how EBM can be applied to our future aero structures and aero engines portfolio. Through this new strategic partnership with Arcam our combined additive manufacturing teams will now take the next steps towards fully industrialising this AM technology ».


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