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Logo Bema


The German company Bema is specialized in engraving and reducing machine, cooling system, manual surface grinding machine and ring bending device.

Its products concerns mint institutes, jewellery-making and precious stones work.


Three dimensional engraver´s profile milling which has been successful for severaldecades of years. A tracing pin serves to scan the metal or duroplastic template. The work piece can be milled at the same time, because there is a solid connection between the tracing pin, and a milling spindle. A put on milling unit 1:1 is, moreover, available as special equipment. Adaptation will take a few minutes time only. The perfect surface quality of the finished work pieces is beyond any competition. Even the slightest cavities get detected. You may, of course, also mill mirror-inverted and vary the sectional heights infinitely. Operators will be completely familiar with the system within less than a day. The die can be engraved infinitely reduced in size from 1:1,41 to 1:100


The machine is equipped with a reversing gear which allows a synchronous reverse rotation of model and work-piece. It results a mirror-inverted transmission from model to work-piece. This facts enables the production of symmetrical mirror-inverted workpieces (“Janus-form”).


Minting tools for coins, casting moulds for tin plates and tin goblet, electrodes for spark erosion machines, processing of semi precious stones, stamping dies fot the jewellery industries, coining dies for button production.