SAFOP, an Italian company founded in 1923 and based in Pordenone, north of Venice, has announced that it has entrusted MULTISTATION with the representation of its range of machines in France. SAFOP manufactures a complete range of railway lathes for the maintenance of trains, metros and tramways: pit lathes in single or tandem versions, gantry lathes for dismantled axles and lathes for axle shafts. SAFOP also produces medium and large capacity multifunctional horizontal lathes for the energy (turbine rotors, etc.), steel (machining of forged parts, etc.), aeronautical (machining of landing gear, etc.), oil (spherical valves, etc.) and marine (machining of propeller shafts, etc.) industries.

SAFOP has acquired numerous references and extensive know-how in each of these applications, and exports its machines all over the world.

‘We are delighted to be extending our range of machine tools to two fast-growing sectors, railways and nuclear energy, and to be able to offer users a local service,’ says Yannick Loisance, CEO of Multistation.

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