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Their process offers new opportunities for higher product performance and increased manufacturing flexibility for precision applications with high performance materials, primarily in medical technology, aerospace applications, fiber-reinforced products and micro-technologies. components.


Today Finepart Sweden AB has a portfolio of products for fine mechanics, but it all started with the Finecut waterjet machining center for precision and micro cutting still being our principal product.

The Finecut business was originally started by Dr Christian Öjmertz, Mr Jan Ryd and Mr Donald S. Miller, a group of dedicated waterjet experts who spent a large part of their lives studying and developing industrial waterjet applications. Their backgrounds combined skills and know-how in entrepreneurship, machine tool design and international research on waterjet development. The experience of the waterjet business among these entrepreneurs dates back to the 1970’s.

Jointly, they designed the Finecut Waterjet Machining Center and the proprietary Finecut waterjet cutting system, hence in 2009 introducing  one of the first commercially available micro abrasive waterjet systems running abrasive waterjets down to a diameter of a 200 micron diameter.

In 2012 the Finecut business was acquired by Finepart Sweden AB, a company that was started by the founders together with investors to form a new platform for international expansion of the Finepart product line.


Finepart provides user-friendly machines for fine and micro abrasive waterjet of the highest quality for the global market. Our process provides new opportunities for higher product performance and increased manufacturing flexibility for precision applications with high performance materials, mainly in medical technology, aerospace applications, fibre reinforced products and micro components. With innovation and leading process knowledge we create with our customers conditions for increased competitiveness.


Finepart shall combine quality and competence, with technology-driven innovation and close customer collaboration, maintain a leading market position in the new growing business segment micro abrasive waterjet.


Finepart Sweden has a project oriented organisation combining their core technology expertise with selected business partners to allocate premium skills for supporting technologies in favor for their products and customers.


Their headquarter is located in Bollebygd in the technically strong business region near Gothenburg. In this office we have administration and sales, engineering design, R&D, and sales management. The location in Bollebygd is near Gothenburg/Landvetter airport and means for transportation on air, road and sea is conveniently close.

During the winter 2017 they moved our cutting center/showroom from Bromölla to Bollebygd as they wanted to concentrate their activities to one location. The new showroom is located in a facility next to the headquarter.