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Heat & Vacuum Applicator – HVA

HVA machines are designed to apply decorative engineered laminates to Aircraft interior panels such as sidewalls, overhead bins, armrests, bulkheads and seating shells. The shortwave infra red radiation heating system is used to soften the laminate prior to forming and the vacuum membrane system forms the laminate to the surface of the panel.


The HVA machine is used by aircraft manufacturers, airlines, third party maintenance shops and subcontractors to the industry.   For instance we  cover all sidewalls and the machine can be used for seating shells and suites for First class and Business Class. Interior parts such as 777 ceiling panels, Dash 8 armrests and overhead bin doors can also be covered.

The HVA machine can also be used to apply leather to car interiors and laminate furnishings such as car roofs and dashboards in the automotive and truck industries. Heat and Vacuum Applicators are also used in train and bus applications such as applying graffiti resistant films to train interiors.


  • Accurate automatic and manual control over all program parameters.
  • Proportional heating control.
  • Universal Tool makes covering easy and virtually eliminates the need for rigid expensive support tooling.
  • Full training packages supplied on machine operation and maintenance, as well as panel covering and programming.
  • Machine comes pre-programmed for the following aircrafts: – Boeing: 737, 747 (main & upper deck), 757, 767, 777 & 787. – Airbus: A320 family, A330, A340 & A380. – Regional Jets & TurboProp

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