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Why Autonational ?

Since the foundation of the company in 1977, Autonational strive to help their customers with their needs in the composite manufacturing industry. No matter how big and grand or complex and small, their specialized engineers are able to create the machine or (automated) production line that completely fulfills their needs.

With equipment automatable to any degree and with several technologies, Autonational always builds a machine or (automated) production line suitable for manufacturing process.


Specially tailored machines

Autonational design, build and install a wide range of filament winding machines for different applications including hydrogen tanks.

By using Siemens CNC software and servo drives Autonational deliver reliable, user-friendly, and low-cost ownership equipment for winding composite products. The winders are suitable for fully automated high capacity production, small series production, and R&D. The winder is also suitable for all kinds of fibers, like glass, carbon, aramid, and natural fibers with polyester, epoxy, PU, and Biobased resins.