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Technology leader for industrial grade additive manufacturing.

ExOne, a publicly traded manufacturing technology company, provides 3D printing machines, 3D printed products and related services to industrial customers in multiple segments, including pumps, automotive, aerospace, heavy equipment and energy.

The ExOne® process, which utilizes binder jetting technology with industrial materials, gives traditional manufacturers an opportunity to reduce costs, lower the risk of trial and error and create opportunities for design innovation.


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Binder spraying is an additive manufacturing method using a binder locally deposited on a thin layer of powder, layer by layer, according to your 3D model.

Between each layer, the powder is heated to solidify it. When the process is complete, the powder tray is removed from the printer and placed in an oven for cooking.

When the object is solidified, it is removed from the tray and extracted from the powder through brushing and air blowers.

When the process is complete, the pieces are detached from the stems, cleaned, powdered and sanded to remove the unfused powder. The piece is now ready for shipping or finishing according to your choice.

Binder jetting technology has been developed by ExOne since 1996.


Binder jetting technology is the fastest and most economical 3D metal printing technology. It allows you to create very detailed models very quickly. The cost of the technology is lower than other 3D printing technologies due to the mixture of materials (metal powder and binding agent).

The main advantages of the binder jetting technology are the great freedom of design and the speed of production.