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Non Metal Additive Manufacturing

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The FUNMAT PRO 610 HT is an industrial high-end machine designed for critical requirement functional part test & low volume...
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IngersollIngersoll MasterprintIngersollIngersollIngersollIngersollIngersoll

Ingersoll MasterPrint

Printing process fitting into global composite manufacturing with remarkable advantages in cost & lead times.
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Solidscape DLSolidscape DLSolidscape DLSolidscape DLSolidscape DLSolidscape DL

Solidscape DL

High-precision resins production 3D printer.
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Intamsys funmat pro 410Intamsys funmat pro 410INTAMSYS funmat pro 410INTAMSYS funmat pro 410INTAMSYS funmat pro 410INTAMSYS funmat pro 410


A Smart Multiple Functional Materials All-in-one Solution Designed and Manufactured by INTAMSYS. Ideal for Industrial Additive Manufacturing
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Solidscape S500 High Precision 3D Printercasting-tree-industrial-SILO-ConvertImageEngine model with supportEngine-model-silhouetted-ConvertImage

Solidscape S500

The S500 is ideal for industrial casting manufacturers who produce high precision complex parts where dimensional accuracy and superior external...
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S390-printer-system-Base-SILO_CLEAN_cropped_shortSolidscape S390 editPeerlessPrecision_Ring_zoom_6

Solidscape S390

The S390 high precision 3D printer for jewelers delivers all the extraordinary precision and accuracy you’ve come to expect from...
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The FUNMAT PRO HT reaches an extruder temperature of 450ºC, allowing for the 3D printing of a wide variety of...
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FUNMAT PROPRO-HT-Sample-1024x698


The Intamsys Funmat Pro is a high build volume 3D printer with an insulated chamber that can regulate temperatures up...
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Solidscape S370

Solidscape S350 3d printer; high resolution 3D printer for jewelers
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S350 1378927410S350

Solidscape S350

Solidscape S350 3d printer; high resolution 3D printer for jewelers
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Imprimante 3D de production HP Multi Jet Fusion 3DImprimante 3D de production HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D

HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D 4200

Based on internal testing and simulation, HP Jet Fusion 3D printing solution average printing time is up to 10x faster...
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Imprimante 3D Massivit très grand volume d'impressionImpression 3D grand formatarton1282


The largest, fastest and most advanced large format 3D printing solution, based on proprietary GDP (Gel Dispensing Printing) technology –...
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