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Caracol – HERON 400

Manufacturer : Caracol
Sectors : Aerospace, Automotive, Defense, Railway, Industry, Medical

The Heron AM system is a turnkey solution for high-performing industrial sectors. The platform includes a robotized extrusion head, with direct and continuous feeding of composites and polymers, a dedicated software platform, and many more features to fully integrate all that is needed to manufacture advanced industrial parts. The system is highly customizable to satisfy each client’s need.

Reference : CARACOLheron400
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The HERON AM is Caracol’s large-scale additive manufacturing cell. The cell comprises a robot, an extruder, a pellet feeder and dryer, and a manufacturing tray.

The cell is supplied with toolpath generation software developed by Caracol: HEIDOS. Two control panels are installed, one driving the robot and the other the extruder.

The system can be used to produce large polymer and composite parts such as draping moulds, superstructure or architectural parts.

Heron 400

Bounding box: approx. 4 m3 or 141.3 ft3

Technical features


  • High Accuracy (HA):
  • Nozzle diameter: De 2 mm à 15 mm
  • Temperature: up to 450°C

Robotic arm:

  • Reach: Up to 4 m or 13.12’

Printing bed:

  • Aluminium frame with interchangeable top

Manufacturing system: EIDOS

Feeding system:

  • Multiple dryer & storage units

Perimetral protections:

  • Structural insulated cells possible
  • Open air (light curtains, cages) possible


  • CNC dedicated workstation
  • 7th axis rail (several meters)


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Caracol supplies integrated robotic 3D printing solutions (pellet extrusion) for large format applications. This solution can be used to produce polymer parts such as moulds, superstructure or architectural parts. A large number of materials are available, potentially reinforced with glass or carbon fibre. Caracol supports its customers throughout the process…

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