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logo Waterjet

Waterjet is an Italian company founded in 1991 which became an expert in waterjet cutting and finishing. Their high-pressure waterjet technology allows the fast and precise cutting of all materials with a thickness up to 300 mm. The water cutting technology allows to cut almost any materials without concerning about thermal and mechanical deformations. The use of abrasive in the jet allows to cut even harder materials.

Their customizable systems can adapt to all your needs. Whether you need a simple cutting system or a whole automated production line, Waterjet has a solution for you.

Innovation and research and development is at the center of the Waterjet’s vision. Their latest innovation is a hybrid or electric pumping system, allowing you to save energy. Waterjet also get involved in innovative fields such as food cutting with their Chef-jet range of products.

By choosing Waterjet, you choose a reliable, precise, and fast cutting solution. With more than 1500 sold and installed machines, Waterjet is a major actor in the water cutting field.