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Vacuum Casting

The vacuum casting process is mainly used for prototyping parts and small production runs. It is an attractive manufacturing technique for the education and research sector, as well as for R&D and production in various industries.

It’s a fast, high-quality, inexpensive and versatile production solution, thanks to its compatibility with a wide range of resins.

Vacuum casting involves pouring a liquid material into a mold until it solidifies. The vacuum eliminates the air in the mold, so that the model to be produced takes on the exact shape of the mold.


  • low production costs
  • wide range of resins available
  • reproduction of highly complex geometries
  • very high finish quality and fine detailing


  • rapid prototyping
  • small and medium production runs
  • encapsulation of electrical and electronic components

Ideal for: industry, crafts, education, fablab, makers’ associations, etc.