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Vacuum casting machine CSV500

Manufacturer : Vacuum Casting
Sectors : Industry, Fablabs, Education

Vacuum casting machine for parts duplication

Reference : CSV500
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The technology

Vacuum casting allows the duplication of parts in small or medium series with low stroke and good flexibility.

This process is carried out in two steps. First, silicone is cast around the part of interest in a pressurized chamber. Once hardened, a mold is obtained. In a second step, a resin is injected under vacuum into this mould to form by hardening the desired part.

The pressurized chamber allows you to remove the microbubbles present in the silicone or resin during their shaping, and thus obtain parts without porosity.

The vacuum casting technology makes it possible to use many different resins for all your prototypes with technical characteristics similar to injected plastics (PP, PA, PVC, PEEK etc.). Many rigid and flexible resins are available: transparent, coloured, resistant to fire, folds, shocks…

CSV 500

The CSV-500 is an automatic and programmable medium-capacity vacuum casting machine that allows the operation of moulds up to L500 x L500 x H635 mm and with a workpiece volume up to 1L.

The CSV-500 is equipped with a programmable interface with a touch screen for a perfect optimization of your casting cycles according to the characteristics required by the different materials used. The variable speed mixer and chamber pressurization are also controllable and adjustable.

These vacuum casting machines equip the main rapid prototyping centres in Europe. They allow a vacuum very fast, which is a plus when using preheated molds.

A warming bowl is optionally available to optimize casting of wax parts.


  • Low production cost
  • Wide variety of resin can be used
  • Very complex geometries reproduction
  • Very high quality finish and fine detail (silicone has exceptional precision imprinting).
  • Vacuum pump power (V) : 40m3/h
  • Maximal depression (P) : < 0.5 mbar
  • Machine dimensions : 920 x P 750 x H 910 mm
  • Weight : 430 kg
  • Chamber size : L 500 x P 635 x H 800 mm
  • Max mold size : L 500 x P 635 x H 500 mm
  • Casting capacity : 600 ml
  • Bol A capacity : 600 ml
  • Bol B capacity : 1000 ml


Vacuum Casting

The vacuum casting process is mainly used for prototyping parts and small production runs. It is an attractive manufacturing technique for the education and research sector, as well as for R&D and production in various industries. It's a fast, high-quality, inexpensive and versatile production solution, thanks to its compatibility with…

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