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Bologna, Italy, is the world capital of special machines. Generations of dynamic small and medium-sized businesses have built up a highly efficient network, providing complete mastery of mechatronics.

Founded in 1905, Silbestrini, a family firm of metalworkers, initially developed in the field of industrial boilermaking and welding positioners (tilting rotary table). In the early 80s, Silvestrini turned to automation, supplying robotized positioner solutions to leading manufacturers such as Hitachi and ABB, enabling them to work in masked time. The commoditization of these products has prompted Silvestrini to focus on higher value-added applications: large-capacity multi-axis rail positioners (up to 70 tons), automotive assembly lines, robotized lines based on well-mastered processes, and now aeronautical tooling. Silvestrini relies on a local network to provide project management in terms of design, customization, mechanical manufacturing and electronic integration.

A few references: Magnetti Marelli, Fiat, Bmw… but also public works and large-scale agricultural machinery with Caterpillar, Case New Holland and now aeronautics with Agusta, Aeritalia MRO, Swissair MRO, GVS…

Silvestrini exports 80% of its production outside Italy and 50% outside Europe, thanks to its facilities in Singapore, Beijing and Sao Polo.

Silvestrini is ISO 9001 certified and has a strong French culture, enabling it to respond effectively to very specific specifications. Silvestrini has entrusted Multistation with its commercial development in France and North Africa, particularly in the power generation, rail and, of course, aerospace industries.

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