We will exhibit on booth B17 at 3D PRINT from 4 to 6 June 2019 in Lyon, France


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High precision wax 3D printers

Solidscape®, Inc. is changing the way parts are made with a simple click – one industry at a time.

Solidscape®, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of high-precision 3D printers, materials and software for Direct Manufacturing of solid objects designed in CAD.
These wax objects are ideal for lost wax investment casting and mold making applications, providing the highest standards in surface finish, accuracy and material castability, eliminating the need for post-processing.
Solidscape printers are adopted in the manufacturing of small parts and assemblies used in consumer electronics; biomedical products, orthopedics, dental prosthetics, orthodontic appliances; and jewelry, toys, video games, power generation, sporting goods. And these systems are true office peripherals—easy to use and residing on a desk.
With more than 5,000 systems installed in over 80 countries around the world, Solidscape is the 4th largest supplier of 3D printers according to the Wohlers Report. Sales and support are conducted directly by Solidscape personnel and an established network of Value Added Resellers.


Solidscape 3D printers use digital input from 3D data files (STL, SLC) to create impossibly complex, detailed and smooth wax patterns. Our proprietary 3D printing technology gives you the edge:

  • Smooth Curvature Printing produces the highest precision and surface finish in the industry
  • Drop on Demand Jetting positions precise drops of wax along X, Y and Z axes for high-definition details (5000 × 5000 dpi)
  • Rotating Milling Blade delivers controllable layer thickness down to 6µm and unbeatable, repeatable accuracy
  • Sectors

  • Luxe
  • Medical
  • Aeronautics
  • Industry
  • Education
  • More Information

  • Solidscape Website
  • Video, Episode 1: “Enabling Creativity and Innovation”
  • Video, Episode 2: “Advancing Manufacturing””