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Unior is one of the largest and most important Slovenian exporters with diverse production segments.

The branch, UNIOR machine tools, manufactures machine tools for the automotive and aerospace industries.

Finally actual multi-stations machines in Multistation’s program for machining crankshafts.

The manufacturer develops 5 types of machines for automotive and aerospace components:

  • Stand-alone deep boring machine for molds, shafts…
  • For mass production , mainly for automotive components (but not only) :
  • Modular multi-head machining center for prismatic pieces like planetary gear carrier, vacuum or oil pumps, turbocharger (to be integrated in manufacturing lines, conveyor belt, shuttle or robot) with revolver or multi-spindle heads…
  • Milling drilling of crankshafts from 500 mm till 3500 mm (Balancing & Centering, Drilling of Oil Channels, Weight Reduction Drilling, Flange Drilling & Thread Cutting, End-Facing & Cutting to Lenght )
  • Large 5 axis machining centers with modular heads with single or double tilting table
    Rotary transfer machines
  • They have a large spectrum of references such as VOLKSWAGEN, AUDI, DAIMLER, MAN, DEUTZ, SKODA…
  • Have a look at the part produced with UNIOR systems in the document below.