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UNIOR – Automation

Manufacturer : UNIOR
Sectors : Automotive, Aerospace, Industry, Railway

Unior Special Machines is known as a reliable and high quality manufacturer of special machines designed and built to achieve maximum machining quality, and adapted to customer requirements / specifications. To further optimize the machines and process, Unior offer automation of lines, machines and processes. With Unior partial or full automation, they ensure optimum workpiece handling and efficient production.

Reference : UNIORAutomation
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Areas of operation

  • Robotization
  • Clamping system
  • Welding cells
  • Integration washing plants/ measuring stations
  • Assembly systems
  • Robot deburring cells
  • DMC laser marking
  • Machine tending by robot


  • Years of experience in providing mechanical engineering and automation solutions
  • FMEA methods
  • MSA
  • Global partnership,24/7 Servis
  • development, construction and production of custom designed production lines, machinery and units for assembly automation
  • High speed machining of workpieces for large series machining
  • Stator housing machining
  • Stator drilling Æ218mm
  • Cycle time 26 sec/piece




UNIOR FOLLOWS THE TRENDS OF ELECTROMOBILITY AND AUTOMATION IN THE AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY Unior is a Slovenian manufacturer of special purpose CNC machines for OEM and Tier 1 suppliers in the automotive, aerospace and tooling industry. The core business is creating flexible, high quality, optimal solution special machines. With 40 years of experience…

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