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Xiris Automation

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Solutions for Weld Inspection and Monitoring

  • Providing Machine Vision Technology since 1989
  • Supplying Weld Industry since 2010
  • R&D Focused, >75% Employees with Tech Background
  • Sales to Over 30 Countries
  • HQ in Canada, with Office in Ratingen, Germany

In Additive Manufacturing, Xiris products have been used for:

  • Monitoring welding parameters (arc, melt pool, wire speed and position, wetting) to ensure correct material deposition is taking place
  • Measuring alignment between the previously deposited layer and the current deposited layer
  • Measuring geometry of deposited layer
  • Monitoring powder flow in a powder spray application

Weld cameras help detect any changes or issues that are happening throughout the welding process, providing operators an opportunity to perform corrective action before significant problems occur.