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Metal Additive Manufacturing

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Meltio M450Meltio-M450-Metal-3D-Printer-Additive-Manufacturing_Home_VTMELTIO M450MELTIO M450MELTIO M450MELTIO - M450 - In718 – Gas Turbine Fan BladeMELTIO - M450 - Ti64 – Watch BezelsMELTIO - M450 - Ti64 – Aircraft Engine MountMELTIO - M450 - SS316L – Prototype Bearing Block


The M450 is Meltio’s turnkey solution that integrates wire dispensing technology on a 3-axis Cartesian system in a closed enclosure. Reliable...
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Gtarc 405Gtarc 405

GEFERTEC – ARC 403 and ARC 405

ARC 403 : 3-axis machining ; Max. size of machined parts (x - y - z) in mm : 800 - 900...
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EXONE X1 160ProEXONE X1 160ProEXONE X1 160ProEXONE X1 160ProEXONE X1 160Pro


Binder jet 3D printing for production is finally here with the X1 160Pro, the 10th and largest metal 3D printer...
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Prima Additive Print Sharp 250Prima Additive Print Sharp 250Prima Additive Print Sharp 250Prima Additive Print Sharp 250Prima Additive Print Sharp 250Prima Additive Print Sharp 250Prima Additive Print Sharp 250

PRIMA ADDITIVE – Print Sharp 250

Print Sharp 250 is a machine for additive manufacturing designed fors the fabrication of medium sized components. Optimised gas flow...
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Hero Meltio Engine Robot IntegrationMELTIO Engine RobotMELTIO Engine RobotMELTIO Engine RobotMELTIO - engine robot - SS316L – Turbo ImpellerMELTIO - engine robot - SS316L – Topology BeamMELTIO - engine robot - SS316L – Overhang TestMELTIO - engine robot - SS316L – Naval PropellerMELTIO - engine robot - SS316L – Helical CoilMELTIO - engine robot - SS316L – Fan BladeMELTIO - engine robot - SS316L – Engine ManifoldMELTIO - engine robot - SS316L – BliskMELTIO - engine robot - Rotary Screw Compressor

MELTIO – Engine Robot

Meltio ENGINE Robot is a sophisticated and powerful device that allows 3D printing of dense metal parts with robot arms...
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XERION – Fusion Factory Compact

Fusion Factory Compact is a super compact solution from Xerion. It allows to debind and sinter metal parts from 3D...
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XERION – Fusion Factory Extended

Fusion Factory Extended is a debinding and sintering solution with big working dimensions from Xerion. It allows to debind and...
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XERION - Furnace Factory XSXERION - Furnace Factory XSXERION - Furnace Factory XS

XERION – Fusion Factory XS

The Fusion Factory XS is a turnkey additive manufacturing solution for metal and ceramic parts. It integrates all technological steps...
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Arc 405Arc 603 et 605GefertecGefertecGefertec

GEFERTEC – ARC 603 and ARC 605

ARC 603 : 3-axis machining: Production of metallic components up to 3.0 m³ with a maximum mass of 3000 kg....
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EXONE X1_2019-03_X1 25Pro_frontX1_2019-03_X1 25Pro_sideExOne X1 25PROExOne X1 25PROExOne X1 25PRO


The X1 25PRO™ offers the ability to produce fine quality parts from a variety of materials including : 316L, 304...
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exone-systems-metal-innovent-plus_2EXONE Innovent+exone innovent-slide-2

EXONE – Innovent+

Innovent + is the binder jetting machine from ExOne dedicated to R&D an small series production. It is a flexible,...
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Machine 2 - M3DP-BLImage 2 - Piece Aero apres depotImage 3 - Piece aero apres usinageImage 4Machine 1 - M3DP

SBI Plasma Arc Additive Manufacturing

SBI is an Austrian manufacturer of additive manufacturing machines using PAAM - Plasma Arc Additive Manufacturing technology. Intended for the...
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