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Metal Additive Manufacturing

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ExOne Innovent+

Innovent + is the binder jetting machine from ExOne dedicated to R&D an small series production. It is a flexible,...
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Machine 2 - M3DP-BLImage 2 - Piece Aero apres depotImage 3 - Piece aero apres usinageImage 4Machine 1 - M3DP

SBI Plasma Arc Additive Manufacturing

SBI is an Austrian manufacturer of additive manufacturing machines using PAAM - Plasma Arc Additive Manufacturing technology. Intended for the...
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AMPRO Innovations – VC40 : Bulk Powder Removal for Additive Manufacturing

This equipment makes it possible to simply aspirate and recover the surplus metallic powder resulting from an additive SLM manufacture.
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AMPRO Innovations – SU40 : Powder Sieving for Additive Manufacturing

Powder sieving equipment designed for metal powder used in additive manufacturing.
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AMPRO Innovations – PS20 / PS60 : Silo Storage for Metal Powders

Ergonomically optimised powder tank for powder processing throughout the metal additive manufacturing chain.
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AMPRO Innovations – PD10 : Powder Drying for Additive Manufacturing

This module allows to dry the powder to be used in additive manufacturing.
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AMPRO Innovations – DU40 : Powder Decanting for Additive Manufacturing

This system allows a safe transfer of the powder from the transport packaging to the machine tank or any other...
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AMPRO Innovations SP100AMPRO Innovations SP100AMPRO Innovations SP100

AMPRO Innovations – SP100

The SP100 is a metal additive manufacturing machine specially developed for the academic field. AmPro Innovations provides a range of...
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Wire laserWire laser

Wire Laser Head

The Wire Laser head provides omni-directional welding performance for the use of metallic wires as filler material.
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3D microPRINT DMP50 GP3D Micro Print3D Micro Print3D Micro Print3D Micro Print

3D microPRINT – DMP50 GP

The DMP50 GP, designed for R&D work and series production, processes materials like Stainless Steel, Tungsten and highly reactive materials...
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3D MicroPRINT DMP633D Micro PRINT Kleinserie von Schachtürmen auf einer Bauplattform3D micro print Kleinserie auf einer Bauplattform3D micro print Kleinserie auf einer Bauplattform

3D microPRINT – DMP60 Series

The DMP60 series is the current machine generation for Micro Laser Sintering developed with the help of end users from...
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AIM3D ExAm 255

The ExAM 255 3D printers uses the composite extrusion manufacturing method (CEM). The 3D Printer is based on the injection...
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