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MELTIO – Meltio Horizon Software

Manufacturer : MELTIO
Sectors : Aerospace, Education, Automotive, Industry, Railway

Meltio Horizon is a proprietary slicer that ensures a fully tailored customer experience around their plug-and-play metal 3D printer, the Meltio M450 with its own unique features and custom-developed Meltio print and material profiles included.

Reference : MeltioHorizon
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METAL Horizon Software

Meltio Horizon is a proprietary tool path generation software for 3-axis metal 3D printing, specifically designed for the laser wire deposition process with the Meltio M450.

Easy to use, only parameters relevant to Meltio’s metal-to-laser 3D printing process are available. Additionally, specific settings are explained to make  the printing process as smooth as possible.

The continual development of a dedicated platform for Meltio-specific toolpath generation helps expand the reach of their service in the future, through the incorporation of simulations or other advanced features.

Tailor-made for laser and dual-thread, it also comes with built-in profiles for Meltio materials and is fully compatible with their dual-thread printing technology.

Configure your gas source and cost directly in Meltio Horizon. Flow rates are defined within each material.

Select the right substrate directly from the slicer based on the room size. Build plates can be user defined and stored as presets. The machine workspace automatically adjusts, warning the user if a selected build plate is too small.

To give a good preview of the model to be printed, Horizon provides both a 2D and 3D preview of the toolpath. The 2D plan view allows easy inspection of the toolpath throughout the model.

The complete project file, consisting of the model file, workspace, build plate as well as gas and material profiles, can be easily stored and shared.

Meltio Horizon updates and new print settings are available directly through the slicer. New Meltio materials and new printing profiles will be released periodically.

PC Requirements

  • Operating System
  • Minimum: Windows 7
  • Recommended: Windows 11


  • Minimum: Intel Core I5-4200H
  • Recommended: Intel Core I7-11800H

Hard Disk Space

  • Minimum: 1GB available
  • Recommended: 5GB Available


  • Minimum: 4GB
  • Recommended: 8GB Available

Display Resolution

  • Minimum: 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • Recommended: 2560 x 1140 pixels

System Compatibility

  • Meltio Horizon is fully compatible with the Meltio M450, including its Hotwire and Dual Wire capabilities.
  • Meltio Horizon is not compatible with the Meltio Engine Robot and the Meltio Engine CNC


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Incorporated June 2019 through the joint-venture of a Spanish 3D printer and scanning equipment manufacturer, SICNOVA, and Las Vegas-based Additec , a company, devised to solve the barriers to manufacturing large metal components. MELTIO offers the ability to print using metal wire and metal powder independently or simultaneously without a…

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