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BigRep IPSO 105

The IPSO 105 is a versatile, high-temperature industrial machine with unbeatable value for money. It is the most automated, reliable...
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BigRep ALTRA 280

The ALTRA 280 is a high-performance industrial 3D printer with an impressive build volume. It offers unrivalled reliability with up...
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waxjet 510 - 3waxjet 510 - 12waxjet 510 - 9waxjet 510 - 7waxjet 510 - 6waxjet 510 - 41-31-51-7


WaxJet 510 precisely prints intricate jewelry designs while ensuring high quality. It offers the jewelry industry increased flexibility in design...
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m600_general_Meltio M600 LayoutGlass Mold Core post-processMeltio M600

Meltio M600

Industrial Metal 3D Printer With M600 expand your manufacturing capabilities with Blue laser, a large build volume, and a fully...
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The S3Duo is the machine that brings together all Solidscape's expertise and can be adapted to suit your needs. Two...
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Zortrax - Inkspire-2Zortrax - Inkspire 2Zortrax- Inkspire 2Zortrax - Inkspire 2

Zortrax Inkspire 2

The Zortrax Inkspire 2's UV LCD technology achieves high light power and enables even exposure across the entire surface of...
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Meltio Robot CellMeltio Robot CellMeltio Robot CellMeltio Robot Cell

MELTIO – Meltio Robot Cell

The Meltio robot cell is an affordable turnkey solution for integrating Meltio Engine robots. It's a plug-and-play solution. It's the...
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Logiciel Meltio SpaceLogiciel Meltio SpaceLogiciel Meltio SpaceLogiciel Meltio Space

MELTIO – Meltio Space Software

Meltio Space is a proprietary robot slicer software solution designed to bridge the gap between additive manufacturing users and robotics....
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Sharebot - SnowWhiteSharebot - SnowWhiteSharebot - SnowWhiteSharebot - SnowWhiteSharebot - SnowWhiteSharebot - SnowWhiteSharebot - SnowWhite

Sharebot – SnowWhite

The SnowWhite is a SLS printer designed and built for research and development. The CO2 laser and modified atmosphere printing...
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Sharebot MetalONESharebotSharebotSharebotSharebotSharebot

Sharebot – MetalONE

The MetalONE is the smallest, most versatile and easiest to use metal powder 3D printer with DMLS technology. It allows you to test your powders, start...
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3D Lab - ATO Induction Melting System3D Lab - ATO Induction Melting System

3D Lab – ATO Induction Melting System

The ATO’s Induction Melting System is a module that can be added to atomizers to increase their productivity.
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aim3d examAIM3D

AIM3D – ExAM 255

The ExAM 255 by AIM3D is a revolutionary 3D printer. It offers multi-material capability, high precision, and a large build...
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