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admatec Admaflex 300_frontal open doorAdmaflex 300 with industrial backgroundAdmaflex300_foil systemAdmaflex300 build volume with text overlayAdmatecAdmatec softwareAdmaflex 300

ADMATEC – Admaflex 300

Featuring a large build volume and the unique capability of 3D printing both advanced ceramics and metals but also multi-material...
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Meltio - Module ENGINEMeltio - Engine et robotMeltio - Engine et CNCMeltio - Tête impression

MELTIO – Engine

Meltio’s ENGINE solution enables the integration of laser-melted wire and powder removal technology into a third-party system, whether CNC or...
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Meltio M450Meltio - Piece realisée sur M450Meltio - M450 Sample - Titanium SR-71Meltio - Tête impression


The M450 is Meltio’s turnkey solution that integrates laser-melted powder and wire dispensing technology on a 3-axis Cartesian system in...
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Arevo aqua SystemAREVO - AQUA's deposition headArevo aqua SystemArevo aqua SystemArevo aqua SystemAREVO scooterAREVO bikeAREVO bracketAREVO golf

AREVO – Aqua System

AREVO's AQUA System produces the largest, strongest, and lightest continuous carbon fiber parts in the 3D printing industry.
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EXONE X1 160ProEXONE X1 160ProEXONE X1 160ProEXONE X1 160ProEXONE X1 160Pro


Binder jet 3D printing for production is finally here with the X1 160Pro, the 10th and largest metal 3D printer...
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exone-systems-metal-innovent-plus_2EXONE Innovent+exone innovent-slide-2

EXONE – Innovent+

Innovent + is the binder jetting machine from ExOne dedicated to R&D an small series production. It is a flexible,...
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Machine 2 - M3DP-BLImage 2 - Piece Aero apres depotImage 3 - Piece aero apres usinageImage 4Machine 1 - M3DP

SBI Plasma Arc Additive Manufacturing

SBI is an Austrian manufacturer of additive manufacturing machines using PAAM - Plasma Arc Additive Manufacturing technology. Intended for the...
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Solidscape S360

The Solidscape S360 delivers the extraordinary range of precision you need at the right price. Jewelers are free to design...
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AMPRO Innovations – VC40 : Bulk Powder Removal for Additive Manufacturing

This equipment makes it possible to simply aspirate and recover the surplus metallic powder resulting from an additive SLM manufacture.
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AMPRO Innovations – SU40 : Powder Sieving for Additive Manufacturing

Powder sieving equipment designed for metal powder used in additive manufacturing.
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AMPRO Innovations – PS20 / PS60 : Silo Storage for Metal Powders

Ergonomically optimised powder tank for powder processing throughout the metal additive manufacturing chain.
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AMPRO Innovations – PD10 : Powder Drying for Additive Manufacturing

This module allows to dry the powder to be used in additive manufacturing.
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