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BLT A300BLT A160

BLT A serie

The A series of the manufacturer BLT corresponds to its range dedicated to the manufacture of molds and the dental...
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TITOMIC D523 : Coldspray Technology

The Titomic D523 cold spray system is a portable tool for repairing metal parts quickly, simply, and at a lower...
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Titomic TKF9000Titomic TKF9000Titomic TKF9000Titomic TKF9000Titomic TKF9000

TITOMIC TKF 9000 : Coldspray Technology

The TKF 9000 system is a robotic solution that produces large, complete parts in additive manufacturing without distortion or oxidation...
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TITOMIC TKF 1000 : Coldspray Technology

The TKF 1000 system is a turnkey robotic solution. The spraying head is integrated on a robot in a secured...
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BLT S800BLT - S210BLT - S310BLT - S400BLT - S510BLT - S600BLT - S800BLT-S450BLT S800BLT S800BLT S800

BLT S serie

The S series from the manufacturer BLT corresponds to its serie dedicated to the aeronautics, space and automotive sectors. This...
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BigRep ONEBigRep ONEBigRep ONEBigRep ONEBigRep ONE

BigRep ONE

The BigRep ONE is a 2016 award-winning large format 3D printer at an affordable price. With over 500 systems installed...
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BigRep PROBigRep PROBigRep PROBigRep PROBigRep PROBigRep PROB9316713BigRep PRO

BigRep Pro

With a build volume of 1 cubic metre, the BigRep PRO is a fully enclosed industrial 3D printer for the...
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The BigRep STUDIO is a large format, easy-to-use 3D printer designed specifically for applications with technical materials. The STUDIO fits...
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Loop 3D Loop Pro XLoop 3D Loop Pro XLoop 3D Loop Pro XLoop 3D Loop Pro XLoop 3D Loop Pro XLoop 3D Loop Pro XLoop 3D Loop Pro XLoop 3D Loop Pro XLoop 3D Loop Pro XLoop 3D Loop Pro X

Loop 3D – Loop Pro X

LOOP PRO X is an industrial FFM/FDM 3D printer, it produces functional parts with its proprietary composite filaments: Dynamide. Take...
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Desktop Metal – Production System™ P-1

Designed to bridge the gap between bench top development and mass production, the Production System™ P-1 is an open platform binder jetting...
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Desktop Metal – Production System™ P-50

Created by leading inventors of binder jetting and single-pass inkjet technology, the Production System™ P-50 is designed to be the fastest way...
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Solidator V3+Solidator V3+Solidator V3+Solidator V3+

Solidator 3+

Solidator 3+ has a massive build volume of 345 x 194 x 400 mm (13.61" x 7.65" x 15.75") and...
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