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Zortrax Inkspire 2

Manufacturer : Zortrax
Sectors : Education, Fablabs, Industry, Jewelry, Medical

The Zortrax Inkspire 2’s UV LCD technology achieves high light power and enables even exposure across the entire surface of the LCD screen. Its smart design makes it accessible to all types of users.

Reference : ZORTRAXinkspire2
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Zortrax Inkspire 2

Automated intelligent systems

The quantity of resin is managed by the machine, it detects the quantity remaining in the tank and determines when the pump must activate automatically to draw resin from the bottle. This system incorporates a scale in the bottle holder and a feed pump connecting the bottle to the tank. The machine then also knows how much resin is left in the bottle and determines if the resin level is sufficient for the task to do. The pump works in both directions so that you can put the remaining resin back into the bottle after the print is finished for reuse later.

Industrial grade UV LCD light source

The backlighting diodes and the monochromatic screen allow an even exposure on each pixel of the LCD screen for a constant and precise production. The printed models are thus of identical quality even in the corners of the screen. Its power is 7 times higher than standard UV LCD screens that makes the machine compatible with certain DLP resins.

Convenient print bed and tank

The tray is designed to promote easy part removal. The platform is easily installed and removed. It can be installed in an inclined way in order to let the remains of resin flow into the tank after printing. Zortrax ensures that its machines are factory calibrated to be usable right out of the box. The construction volume of 192 x 120 x 280 mm will make it possible to produce large-sized parts. The tank has a good support while installing and removing easily without the use of tools. The pump allows the resin to be rebottled to work cleanly and to change resin easily and without waste. The scraper integrated into the tank makes it possible to quickly and effectively get rid of the residues that certain types of resins can leave. It sweeps the tank at predefined intervals to prevent material deposits from affecting your prints.

Powerless recovery

The machine stores energy during operation to save current print data in the event of a power failure. This way, printing can be resumed where it left off once the power returns. No more failed and incomplete prints, no more waste of time and material.

Versatility and material compatibility

Compatible with the best resins on the market, the Zortrax inkspire 2 will allow you to produce parts with various and varied technical characteristics. Approved by major material manufacturers such as BASF and Henkel/Loctite following series of tests, the Zortrax Inkspire 2 can print elastomeric, rigid, solid, high temperature, castable or standard materials.

Optimized accessibility

The Z-Suite software included with each machine makes it easy to slice models and optimize part quality for various issues. Easy to handle, you’ll get quality prints without the hassle of thinking.

WIFI connectivity provides access to Zortrax InCloud for managing your network printing. The cloud gives remote access to your printer and integrates a staff and machine park management function to know the operating status of each printer in real time. Projects, operating times, materials used, all useful and important information is stored in the cloud database. Remote monitoring also makes it possible to start, pause or stop the machine via the Cloud.

Zortrax Inkspire 2

  • UV LCD Light Source – Uniform exposure and very powerful
  • Wavelength 405nm
  • 8.9’’ monochrome LCD screen
  • High resolution – 25 to 100 μm on the Z axis and 50 μm on the XY plan
  • Large build volume of 192 x 120 x 280 mm
  • Intelligent features – Resin level management, work recovery following a power outage, scraper integrated into the tank, etc.
  • Smooth and intuitive use – WIFI and Zortrax Incloud connectivity, Z-suite software with printing profiles, front touch screen, practical tank and tray


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Zortrax is a Polish company which delivers comprehensive solutions for the 3D printing industry. It is also one of few producers offering the printer together with dedicated software and specially developed printing materials. Zortrax has developed technology designed for rapid prototyping. Zortrax was founded by Rafal Tomasiak and Marcin Olchanowski.…

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