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Multistation sells now machines from the German manufacturer METROM, which is one of the few machine tool builder proposing parallel kinematics.

Specialist of mechatronics, the German manufacturer, whose factory is located near Chemnitz, builds for more than ten years machines fitted with of 5 axes parallel kinematics. More than thirty multifunction machines are used by industries or research institutes for a very wide panel of applications, from milling to turning. There is plenty kinds of different applications : turbine elements machining, complex shapes for fundry or injection, large composite structures… Systems are able to machine a whole part with only one clamping with a very high productivity rate. The machine is able to remove up to 500 cm3/min. High speed machining, hard milling and turning, wet or dry….systems designed by Metrom are polyvalent. This is possible with a pentapod machining system, fixed on a dodecagonal structure. Patented, this original structure generates very flexible machines, numerically driven.


Two different versions can be chosen

  • A « standard » gantry machine which carry the system, combined with a rotary table : high speed machining, with 0,025 mm accuracy, able to work with a maximum part size of 2 500 x 2 500 x 1 000 mm. A very compact solution, which combined kinetic of robots to machine tools accuracy.
  • The main advantage of Metrom machine is their ability to be movable. Easily put on working site, easy set up, this movable multi axe milling machine can be used for several applications, such as for instance on aircraft carrier, island, and why not in the future on other planets !

Please, discover more details : Brochure METROM 2018