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Multistation is now selling machines from the german manufacturer METROM offering multi-optional and mobile machining systems based on parallel kinematics.

The german manufacturer whose factory is located near Chemnitz is building machines fitted with 5 axis parallel kinematics for more than eighteen years. More than fifty multi-optional machines are used by industries or research institutes for a very wide variety of applications that reach from milling to turning, laser welding and friction stir welding as well as 3D-printing. There are plenty of different applications: turbine elements machining, complex shapes for foundry or injection molds, large composite or steel structures… These systems are able to machine a whole part with only one clamping with a very high productivity rate because of accelerations up to 1m/s² and 7-axis interpolation. The machine is able to remove up to 600 cm3/min in steel. High speed machining, hard milling and turning, wet or dry….systems designed by Metrom are multi-functional. This is possible due to the high stiffness of the icosahedra structure. A patented basis of parallel kinematic module sizes leads to customer specific solutions at an affordable prize.


Three different versions can be chosen

  • A mobile version which can be easily brought directly to customer site and fulfills the tasks in shortest set-up time at high productivity rates and unique flexibility. Part sizes to be processed are unlimited due to a special measurement procedure. This movable 5-axis multioptional machine can be used for several applications, such as on aircraft carriers, oil platforms, harbours and why not in the future on other planets!
  • A gantry machine which moves the parallel kinematic module with 0,025 mm accuracy. The maximum part size is at a diameter of 3.000mm and 2.000 x 5.000 x 1. 000 mm. A very compact solution, which combines kinetics of robots with the accuracy of large machine tools.
  • A compact machining center which moves the rotary table on a linear axis under the parallel kinematic module. A machine that does not need any foundation works, with up to 0,010 mm accuracy, able to work with a maximum part size of diameter 2.800mm and 2.000 x 2.000 x 1.000 mm. High productivity without loss of flexibility is possible by a list of customization options.

Please, discover more details : Brochure METROM