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A unique machine tool

The P-Series CNC machine is one of the most innovative machine centers in the world. This Machine was invented at the beginning of the 2000’s. The CNC control and kinematics of this machine was at least 10 years ahead of the technical state of the art at that time.

Thanks to the patented parallel kinematics and the optimized machine components, machining with high dynamics (1g) is possible. But this machining center can machine materials that are difficult to machine but also very porous. Thus, this CNC machine is an all-rounder and you benefit from high flexibility in your metalworks fabrication.

The design shows an optimal size of the machine with maximum use of installation space at the same time. The CNC control is user-friendly and proves to be highly efficient in 5 to 7 axis machining.

METROM - Pseries

Hybride Machine using additive manufacturing

Generating large industrially relevant components using additive manufacturing is no longer a hurdle thanks to the integration of 3D printing tools in our 5-axis CNC machining centers. The WAAM and SEAM processes are two innovative methods for the rapid production of metal and plastic components. Wire-DED technology is now available.

Processus SEAM Metrom


The SEAM process was developed at the Fraunhofer Institute and is one of the most innovative 3D printing processes for generating industry-relevant plastic components. The SEAM tool is basically a plastic extruder, which is able to output 8kg/h.


The printed components can be subtracted (milling or drilling) between or reworked in the same workpiece clamping. It is also possible to use additive manufacturing on an existing product.

METROM - Additiv manufacturing WAAM

A system for your application

In addition to the P-Series, there is also a series that allows the technologies in the catalogue to be used on mobile machines to work on very large parts or anywhere in the world. No longer limited to premises, it is now possible to machine, reload or print parts on site with the PM-Series.

METROM - PMseries

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