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Manufacturer : METROM
Sectors : Automotive, Industry, Aerospace, Education, Jewelry, Medical, Railway

The P-Series consists of pentapod machines of different sizes, using the same technology of structure and parallel kinematics.

The kinematics of these machines is unique in the world and offers a higher flexibility of use than traditional 5-axis machines.

These machines are mainly used for machining large parts.

METROM machines are hybrid machines that can machine and use material addition processes, these machines are particularly suitable for material recharging but also for additive manufacturing (DED Wire, WAAM, Pelett used with a SEAMHD head).

Reference : METROMpSERIE
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METROM - P series - Robust 5 axis machines

As a physical body, the icosahedron has the highest inherent rigidity. This advantage is exploited here, so that high rigidity of the machine is provided without a machine foundation, thus enabling high machining accuracy. The combination of the icosahedron and the 5 struts kinematics (Pentapod) is an optimal solution for a robust and durable machine tool.

High precision CNC machining

The P-series does not require a special foundation to be installed. The icosahedral structure of the machine cover with the five ball screws is a tube construction.  Water is constantly pumped and circulated through the tubes and the five spacers, which keeps the enclosure at a constant temperature to counteract outside temperature fluctuations and ultimately allows for high machining accuracy.

Hybrid machines

METROM Machines are design to us additive manufacturing in your process. These machines are designed to use recharging on existing parts and also machining every size and shape product. This allows to process machining (milling and drilling) between two building phases.

Working Envelope

  • X : from 1000 to 2000 mm 
  • Y : from 1000 to 2000 mm 
  • Z : from 400 to 1000 mm 
  • Diameter : from 800 to 2800 mm 

Size and Weight of machine

  • Width : from 3500 to 6900 mm 
  • Length : from 4000 to 7900 mm 
  • Height : from 3500 to 7500 mm 
  • Weight : from 4.500 to 20.000 kg 

Spindle characteristics 

  • Motor power : 14kW (up to 25 or 32kW on request) 
  • Nominal speed : 4800 rpm 
  • Maximum speed : 24 000 rpm 
  • Nominal torque : 28Nm 
  • Tool holder : HSK-A 63 

Rotary table

  • Plate diameter : 1000mm 
  • Machinable weight: 1500kg 
  • Maximum load for speed < 70 rpm: 900kg (central clamping) 
  • Maximum load for speed > 70 rpm: 300kg (central clamping) 
  • Maximum speed: 180 rpm 
  • Higher versions are available on request. (NC7,NC8,NC9) 

Tool stock

  • Number of tools: from 5 to 120 
  • Maximum tool length: 200 to 500mm 

Useful information

  • Rated voltage: 400 V 
  • Frequency: 50 Hz  
  • Connecting power: 44 kW  
  • Fuse: 63 A  
  • Switch cabinet protection: IP 65  
  • Air pressure: 6 bar ± 10% 

Upgraded spindles

  • Motor: 25 kW , 30 kW  
  • Nominal Speed: 3.800, 2.500 rpm 
  • Max Speed: 15.000,  12.000 rpm 
  • Nominal torque: 64, 115 Nm




A unique machine tool The P-Series CNC machine is one of the most innovative machine centers in the world. This Machine was invented at the beginning of the 2000’s. The CNC control and kinematics of this machine was at least 10 years ahead of the technical state of the…

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