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Manufacturer : METROM
Sectors : Automotive, Industry, Aerospace, Education, Jewelry, Medical, Railway

Mobile 5-axis-machine tool

Reference : METROMpmSERIE
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Due to its modular design, the PM-Series can be transported very mobile in a cargo plane or truck. When setting up the machine, depending on the component, the machine can be fixed vertically or horizontally or directly on the component.

METROM - PMseries

CNC Machining

The PM-Series can be placed quickly due to its low weight and can also be positioned according to the component. Thus, the application range of such a machine for the repair area is unlimited. Especially industries with large components like turbines or large vessels benefit from our mobile CNC system. Because there the costs regarding a failure are enormous.

The best from 5-axis machines and Robot in one machine

The METROM machines bring all the benefit of a robot arm into a CNC machine. The main results are:

  • Higher accuracy (x10) than a robot
  • Higher shiffness (x100) than a robot

No need to compromise between two solutions, METROM machines combine the advantages of both areas.

Hybride machines

METROM Machines are design to us additive manufacturing in your process. These machines are designed to use recharging on existing parts and also machining every size and shape product. This allows to process machining (milling and drilling) between two building phases.

Working Envelope

  • X : from 550 to 1400 mm
  • Y : from 550 to 1400 mm
  • Z : from 400 to 1000 mm
  • Diameter : from 800 to 2000 mm

Size and Weight of machine

  • Width : from 2200 to 3800 mm
  • Length : from 2100 to 3000 mm
  • Height : from 2500 to 3400 mm
  • Weight : from 2.500 to 5.000 kg

Transport by Air cargo (the smallest one) or standard truck or inner company

Spindle characteristics

  • Motor power : 14kW (up to 25 or 32kW on request)
  • Nominal speed : 4800 rpm
  • Maximum speed : 24 000 rpm
  • Nominal torque : 28Nm
  • Tool holder : HSK-A 63

Useful information

  • Rated voltage: 400 V
  • Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Connecting power: 44 kW
  • Fuse: 63 A
  • Switch cabinet protection: IP 65
  • Air pressure: 6 bar ± 10%

Upgraded spindles

  • Motor: 25 kW , 30 kW
  • Nominal Speed: 3.800, 2.500 rpm
  • Max Speed: 15.000,  12.000 rpm
  • Nominal torque: 64, 115 Nm




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